Cheeky Land

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Finally I made a blog especially for Cheeky Land to let ya know about events and newss! Anyways if you want to join our group touch HERE or just type secondlife:///app/group/9f3ebec8-a52d-e989-e85f-92321ee5a865/about

enjoy our sim as you want, we’re open for everyone! stay in group to know about future events and meetings.

Im me for specyfic tag coneccted with our land 🙂
Have fun! ]:->


For  rent cheeky board ❤
1. For shop renters of cheeky land boards are free
2. 50L$ weekly
3. against to Landing Point
4. u can put inside whatever u like
5. pay not less than 2 weeks
For rent a shop im me for a group ❤
1. have free advertise infront of landing point
2. urban/ghetto style
3. info on Cheeky Land Blog
4. specify info by our subscriber about renter
5. 180L$ weekly by 40 prim
6. pay not less than 2 weeks

*don’t forget to ask for group before pay
*stay in ur shop lines
*feel free to ask about custom wishes

Key Words: shoes muted [muted] footwear fashion sale freebies free gift  POLSKA hunt shop stilettos flickr photograph bunnies slave master dom roleplay dom sub kitty escort dancepole dark ghetto rape busty gangbang blowjob forced oral anal sex monster ghotic orgy